Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog, blog, blog

I'm told by many experts that blogging is a great marketing tool. There are many "rules" that I read about all the time. Don't blog too much, don't blog too little. Don't make it about yourself unless you are THAT interesting. Make sure that you comment on other peoples blogs regularly. If I really followed all the rules, then I would have no time for other work.

Being regular and consistent is difficult for me. Most of the time I don't think that what I truly want to write about is that interesting.

I want to complain about husband, money, work and kids. Boo! That would make anyone fall asleep.

My goal is to start writing lists of topics to type about and then make sure I type when I'm not tired. (Which is my current state.) One of the best things a blogger can do is to "back log" articles.

I know that I should post often but I'm not too motivated when I only have three people following me. However, now is a good time to practice for when I have the world really watching me.

Thanks for your patience with this post tonight. I'm very tired and a little burned out on the computer. Better stuff to come...

Cheers, Lorin