Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Visionary or Dreamer?

I'd like to say my leadership style is visionary.  However, if I really think about it, I'm a dreamer.

What's the difference?  Not sure if there is one.  Is a visionary more grounded in reality?  Doubt it.  Media always label great leaders as visionary because they think outside the box and then make things happen despite the odds.   Maybe that's the clue.  Visionaries take action?  No. Wait.  They take the right action steps.  Movement is action and not achievement.  The right action is calculated and done with the end in sight.

If think back to myself in high school and I apply the reasoning above, then I remember myself as a dreamer. Although dreams are important, wrong action or the lack of action has lead me to where I am today - and it's no where near the dreams I had as a kid.  If am to reflect on why I didn't achieve my dreams and why I did or did not take action towards those dreams, I'd say the largest impact was the people and distractions I've been surrounded by over the years. (Facebook being the most recent!)

No judgement.  It just is. 

As I take a quick self-assessment.  I dream of the future but my actions are rooted in the present.  With three kids, a husband and full time job, it's hard to not to be in the present.  This, however, is my example of influence.  I make decisions base on them - not just myself and my dreams.  The day to day, can be a dream killer.  Doesn't mean I have a bad life, it just means that I'm not doing what I can do to achieve all of my life goals.

If I really want to achieve.  I need to get clear on what my dreams really where all about when I was in high school and create new ones that are based in the past, today and the future.  Then I need to take action and surround myself with those that will get me there.  No excuses.  Plan some steps, even if they are small and then take action.  Limit distractions.

Dreamer or visionary...time for me to be visionary.

What do you think?  Do you struggle with achieving dreams?  What do you think holds you back?  What do you think of my differences between dreamer and visionary?