Thursday, June 20, 2013

Staring Over

Since 2008, I have been on an interesting journey of self-discovery.  As a woman in my 40s, I've learned that I can always start over and that it's OK to reinvent yourself until you are comfortable.

I've had many identities since becoming an adult and I know that I will change again.  At this point, however, I feel I am a bit more settled.  I'm sure that comes with age but for me it was finding my career path,  excepting my limitations, using my strengths and also, in introducing meditation.  There has been a lot going on my my life since 2002.  In the last nine years, I met my husband, changed careers and had three children.  My career change has been bumpy with two lay-offs.  The first lay off lasted a while and I didn't make some of the smartest moves.  I did, however, learn a lot!
 During my first lay off I tried many paths and all of them at the same time:
  1. My own consultancy in organizational development, learning and coaching
  2. A coaching company called Legal Appeal, in which, I used a program called "Unlock the Golden Handcuffs" to help lawyers leave law and find a new career
  3. Life Challenges Coaching: A membership type company that provided quality low cost coaching
  4. Entrepreneur and Professional Moms Association, a non-profit group of mompreneurs
  5. Job hunting
I did all of this in two years! (Including birth my third child!)  I was looking for instant success and when I didn't get it, I added another layer. I had lots of self-doubt.  Plus, when you are married with children the need to provide will make you grasp at anything.  This strategy did not work. Luckily, I got back to work.

Starting Over

During my last job as the Director of Organizational Development and Learning and current lay off, I've gained some clarity.  First, I didn't start another company.  I just focused on finding another job. (Luckily, I will soon be starting a new one as the Director of Learning and Development.)  I've discovered that I could merge personal beliefs and work.  I learned about how we are making new discoveries about the brain.  Leadership development, neuroscience and mediation are in my sights.  This is my road.   Leaderships development is my sweet spot and my new posts will begin to show my current interests.

I realized that I needed to clean up my presence on the world wide web and this blog was one of them.  On this blog I have twelve random posts, the last one from 2009, from previous incarnations as I searched for my niche.  I thought about deleting them, so I could start "fresh."  But, I decided to leave them as a reminder of my life path.

I'm not sure how long I will remain on this journey but I feel it will be for a long time.  You see, this is a culmination of purpose, passion and education -  and it's all coming together!

Thank you for taking the time to read this - I hope you enjoy the new direction.